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Maryborough, Queensland Business Directory

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This directory lists businesses in the areas of Maryborough, St. Helens, Dundathu, Tinana, Granville, Oakhurst, Tiaro, Bauple and the Great Sandy Strait villages of Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan and Poona.

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What to see in Maryborough

  • Take a guided heritage walk tour of Maryborough and discover our local history with 'Mary Heritage', or one of the other local guides.
  • Visit Maryborough Portside district that runs from the Brolga Theatre, along the Mary River to the Marina, and extends out to parts of Kent, Bazaar and March Streets in the CBD.
  • The history of Portside is extensive, dating back to 1847 when the port was opened for the transport of wool, right up to the closure of Walkers Shipyard in 1974.
  • Browse the Maryborough Heritage City Market, held in the CBD every Thursday. Stalls include arts, crafts, local produce, plants, clothes and jewellery. Entertainment is enjoyed on the Town Hall Green. Don't forget to stay for the firing of the Time Cannon and meet our Town Crier and Mary Heritage.

About Maryborough

Maryborough is one of Queensland's oldest cities. In the days of the early colony, it was the second most important port after Sydney and the place where thousands of sea-tossed immigrants took their first shaky steps on Australian soil after months at sea.

Maryborough has a rich and fascinating history, but what really sets it apart is that much of that heritage remains – just waiting to be uncovered.

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Maryborough City
Things To Do –
  • Go on a Walking Tour
  • Visit the Military Museum
  • Take the Heritage Bus Tour
  • Explore the Bond Store
  • Visit Portside in Wharf Street
  • Browse the Markets
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Maryborough Chamber of Commerce
The Brolga Theatre
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