Maryborough Whistlestop Museum

The Maryborough Whistlestop Museum contains a small, but remarkable, collection of railway memorabilia.

Go back in time to when the railway ruled and was the lifeblood for so many communities. Visit our rail museum, stand at the Station Masters desk and visualise the time when rail tickets were hand written.

Sited in the old (1882) railway station building, it is manned by volunteers. The volunteers also operate the 'Mary Ann' Logging locomotive on Thursday mornings and the LAST Sunday each month, on the QR track, which runs through Queens Park and along the bank of the Mary River.

Other items of interest in the museum include railway kerosene lanterns, railway clothing and staff hats, driver's tokens, trophies awarded to railway employees in garden competitions. The museum appeals to not only the rail enthusiast, but those interested in the history of Maryborough and the surrounding area.

Museum Opening Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 12.30pm.

Phone: (07) 4121 0444

Whistlestop railway lanterns collection